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50% deposit required prior to work beginning.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express in addition to cash and checks.

All work is first come first serve. To ensure that your trophy is done in a timely manner you need to make all payments on time.

All customers must fill out and sign our Wild Life Resource Document at check-in.

All mounts must be picked up within 30 days of notice of completion to avoid a $2.50 per day storage fee.

All mounts not picked up within 90 days will become the property of TCCT and subject to resale with loss of deposit.

Prices are subject to change without notice. (excluding items already checked in)

Many factors affect the quality of your trophy. Your taxidermist has no control over the handling of the specimen before he receives it. Many other things affect the final result, such as time of year, condition of skin, how it was handled, and how soon and how long it was frozen. Often bruises, injuries, scars and even ticks can leave damaged areas that may not be visible until the hide is tanned. Because we can't control what happens to the animal before we receive it, we can't guarantee tanning, but we can guarantee that we will provide the best care for your trophy once its in our possession.

TCCT is not responsible for fire, theft or any other acts of God.

Big Buck Contest

No entry fee
Winner receives a free shoulder mount from Texas Country Critters Taxidermy

Contest Rules

Buck must be killed in Texas
Must be free range (no high fence)
Must be processed through Montgomery Processing
Highest B&C score wins
Judge's decision is final.



Deer Shoulder Lifesize
Whitetail $600 $2500
Mule Deer $625 $2500
Axis, Fallow, Sika $625 $2500
Black Buck, Pronghorn $625 $2500
Elk, Red stag $1025 $4000
Aoudad $725 $2500
Barbary, Corsican, Barbado, Mouflon, Texas Dall $650 $2500
Big Horn, Desert $675 $2500
Ibex, Angora, Spanish, Mountain $725 $2500
Wild Boar $725 $2500
Javelina $675 $1100
Bobcat (pedestal mount base incl) $475 $750
Coyote (pedestal mount base incl) $475 $750
Fox (pedestal mount base incl) $475 $750
Mountain Lion $775 $2500
Racoon $675
Ringtail Cat $675
Snake (per inch – minimum $175) $12.50 / inch
Bear Black $925 $2750
Brown $1025 $3300
Bison $1325
Caribou $1025

HALF LIFE MOUNTS AVAILABLE at 60% of life size price
Open mouth on all the above… add $175.00


Addax $900 $2500
Bongo $1000 $3800
Bush Buck $525 $2500
Cape Buffalo $1325
Caracal $450 $1250
Civit $450 $1250
Eland (Common) $1125
Gazelle $600 $2500
Gemsbok $900 $3750
Impala $525 $2500
Kudu (Greater) $925
Kudu (Lesser) $825
Nilgia $800
Oryx $900 $3750
Sable $850 $3750
Wart Hog $825 $3000


Whitetail, Mule Deer (full skin) $175
Bobcat, Fox, Coyote $200
Elk, Red Stag (per sq. ft.) $21.00


Skull Only With Natural Mesquite Plaque
Deer $135 $175
Exotics $145 $210
Fox, Bobcat, Coyote $100 $150
Hog $175 $225


Whitetail  $135
Elk  $225
Exotic price depends on species

RUGS available – call for pricing


Reproduction $23 per inch depending on species

If you have a trophy that is not listed. Call for your individual pricing.


Bring your older trophies by for partial or complete restoration starting at $75.00.



Pheasant $325
Turkey Fan and Beard $225
Turkey Standing, Strutting $725
Turkey Flying $750

Additional Items

Plaques $65
Wall Pedestals Personalized $75
Floor/Table Pedestals individually priced
Custom Bases / Habitats individually priced
Open Mouth $175
Tine Repair $75 each
Replacement Capes (Whitetail) $100
Overtime Orders cost + 50%
Major Form Alterations shop rate $50 per hour
Deer Hoove Coat Rack $250
Pillows individually priced